Who is Francesc Alted?

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I'm currently working for ÜberResearch as a software engineer. I am also a teacher and consultant in the field of storing and analizing medium-size datasets (~1 GBs to ~100 TB). While I have been a long-time open source developer, I have a passion for teaching, specially in these fields where people find bottlenecks (CPUs, memory, disk, network). Everything from profiling to using high performance libraries to optimizing for SIMD instructions or SSD disks for data analysis is in my scope.

I've worked as a system manager at IFIC (Institut de Física Corpuscular de València), scientific computing manager at the Computer Center of the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló, technical director at Servicom (a Spanish ISP bought by Retevision) in Valencia, systems designer in Servicom2000 (an Internet value added company), president of Cárabos Coop. V., freelance developer and consultant, BMAT and Continuum Analytics in that order. During the past years, I've worked on a variety of different problems, including operating systems, clustering, symmetric multiprocessing, scientific high performance computing, design of ISP infrastructure and services, consulting services, business management, music recognition and big data apps.

Two things have influenced in my current position. Firstly, I spent one year and half at CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) in Geneva, as a post-graduate student doing experimental physics. This period served to me to figure out how important were the tools to manage extremely large amounts of data in some fields.

After that, I started a position as scientific computing manager at the computer center of the Universitat Jaume I for about 5 years. During that time, I've received a grant to do an stage at CERFACS (Tolouse, France) in the Parallel Algorithms Project where I've done some work optimizing and parallelizing well-known computational chemistry package, MOPAC, and achieved some quite interesting results. This is the first time that I realized how important is the memory access when one wants to get maximum performance out of computers.

These stages made me feel how comfortable and appealing was asking the computers for all the throughput they can deliver ;-) . So, for all my career I've been always interested in performance, from memory access issues (see a article I've written about this), to the design of efficient e-mail, web, or web cache systems. In the last years, my interest is focused in high performance computing and efficient access to databases.

I can speak English and French without too much difficulties and (almost) perfectly Spanish and Catalan (my mother tongue).

I live in Castelló de la Plana (Spain), on the Mediterranean coast and I spend my free time between my wife Merche, walking and jogging in the beach and going to cinema whenever I can so as to satisfy one of my vices. Also, cooking paellas is one of the few things that I'm quite good at.

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