PyTables is changing

The PyTables project is changing in many ways: new development site, new maintainers, and possibly new goals too. Code has changed too, because the new PyTables will be based on what was named PyTablesPro before, which has been re-licensed under the terms of a BSD license. We are still in the process of moving things, but for the time being, all the development stuff has already been moved to Please refer there to get the latests sources and tickets.

Why so?

FrancescAlted, the creator of the project back in 2002, and lead developer for more than 8 years, has got a new job, so he does not have time to dedicate to the project anymore. Then, a brave handful of people stepped ahead to continue the project and they are now organizing themselves around the new github site. Francesc Alted is actively supporting this migration and he is very happy to see that PyTables can have new life after his leaving.

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