Release notes for PyTables 3.7 series


PyTables Developers


Changes from 3.6.1 to 3.7.0


  • Compatibility with Python 3.10, numpy 1.21 and HDF5 1.12.

  • Support for Python 3.5 has been dropped (gh-840 and gh-850).

  • Windows: Significantly faster import tables PR #781. Thanks to Christoph Gohlke.

  • Internal C-Blosc sources updated to 1.21.1 (gh-931). Note that, starting from C-Blosc 1.19 does not include the Snappy codec sources anymore, so Snappy will be not available if you compile from included sources; other packages (like conda or wheels), may (or may not) include it.

  • Stop using appveyor and deprecated ci-helpers (closes gh-827).

  • Switch to git submodule for the management of vendored c-blosc sources.

  • CI moved to GitHub Actions (GHA).

  • Drop Travis-CI.

  • Improved code formatting and notation consistency (gh-873, gh-868, gh-865 thanks to Miroslav Šedivý).

  • Improve the use of modern Python including pathlib, f-strings (gh-859, gh-855, gh-839 and gh-818 thanks to Miroslav Šedivý).

  • Several improvements to wheels generation in CI (thanks to Andreas Motl @amotl and Matthias @xmatthias).

  • Simplified management of version information.

  • Drop dependency on the deprecated distutils.

  • Modernize the setup script and add support for PEP517 (gh-907).


  • Fix pkg-config ( for Python 3.9 on Debian. Thanks to Marco Sulla PR #792.

  • Fix ROFileNode fails to return the fileno() (gh-633).

  • Do not flush read only files (gh-915 thanks to @lrepiton).

Other changes

  • Drop the deprecated hdf5Version and File.open_count.

  • the get_tables_version() and get_hdf5_version() functions are now deprecated please use the coresponding tables.__version__ and tables.hdf5_version instead.