What’s new in PyTables 1.1


Francesc Altet




Ivan Vilata i Balaguer



This document details the modifications to PyTables since version 1.0. Its main purpose is help you ensure that your programs will be runnable when you switch from PyTables 1.0 to PyTables 1.1.

API additions

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Backward-incompatible changes

  • Table.read() raises a KeyError instead of a ValueError when a nonexistent field name is specified, for consistency with other methods. The same goes for the col() method.

  • File.__contains__() returns a true value when it is asked for an existent node, be it visible or not. This is more consistent with Group.__contains__().

API refinements

  • Using table.cols['colname'] is deprecated. The usage of table.cols._f_col('colname') (with the new Cols._f_col() method) is preferred.

Bug fixes (affecting API)

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Enjoy data!

—The PyTables Team