Release notes for PyTables 3.3 series

Changes from to 3.3.0


  • Single codebase Python 2 and 3 support (gh-493).

  • Internal Blosc version updated to 1.11.1 (closes gh-541).

  • Full BitShuffle support for new Blosc versions (>= 1.8).

  • It is now possible to remove all rows from a table.

  • It is now possible to read reference types by dereferencing them as numpy array of objects (closes gh-518 and gh-519). Thanks to Ehsan Azar.

  • Get rid of the -native compile flag (closes gh-503).

  • The default number of threads to run numexpr (MAX_NUMEXPR_THREADS) internally has been raised from 2 to 4. This is because we are in 2016 and 4 core configurations are becoming common.

  • In order to avoid locking issues when using PyTables concurrently in several process, MAX_BLOSC_THREADS has been set to 1 by default. If you are running PyTables in one single process, you may want to experiment if higher values (like 2 or 4) bring better performance for you.

Bugs fixed

  • On python 3 try ‘latin1’ encoding before ‘bytes’ encoding during unpickling of node attributes pickled on python 2. Better fix for gh-560.

  • Fixed Windows 32 and 64-bit builds.