What’s new in PyTables 1.4


Francesc Altet




Ivan Vilata i Balaguer



This document details the modifications to PyTables since version 1.3. Its main purpose is help you ensure that your programs will be runnable when you switch from PyTables 1.3 to PyTables 1.4.

API additions

  • The Table.getWhereList() method has got a new sort parameter. The default now is to get the list of parameters unsorted. Set sort to True to get the old behaviour. We’ve done this to avoid unnecessary ordering of potentially large sets of coordinates.

  • Node creation, copying and moving operations have received a new optional createparents argument. When true, the necessary groups in the target path that don’t exist at the time of running the operation are automatically created, so that the target group of the operation always exists.

Backward-incompatible changes

  • None

Deprecated features

  • None

API refinements

  • Description._v_walk() has been renamed to _f_walk(), since it is a public method, not a value.

  • Table.removeIndex() now accepts a column name in addition to an Index instance (the later is deprecated). This avoids the user having to retrieve the needed Index object.

Bug fixes (affecting API)

  • None

Enjoy data!

—The PyTables Team